Horizontal stripes – Burda Pattern 8627

Maria came into our Surry Hills store just at the moment I happened to be there with my camera handy. Which I always carry with me now (just in case !).I know I’m becoming a right pain…but I wish I had started this blog ages ago and had a record of the great Tessuti creations that have come into our stores. Better late than never!

I love the simplicity of this Burda 8627 pattern which she has made up in our Cotton/ Elastane ‘ August Night Stripe ‘ and particularly that she used the stripes horizontally. I much prefer stripes this way ( except in pants ) and contrary to what they say – they do not make you look bigger. Especially narrow stripes like these. Very flattering indeed. In fact there is an interesting article about different ways to use striped fabrics and grainlines that I found via one of my favourite blog sites .

The detailing at the back is interesting and Maria has added a gorgeous ceramic button….nice touch. The pattern was not altered at all and in fact Maria has made it before and there is also a long sleeve version for an easy unstructured jacket. This would be great in a light weight or textured wool.

Alot of our customers tell me that they love the fit of Burda patterns in particular their pants so I have now decided to stock Burda patterns again.