Need a dressmaker?

One of the questions we are most often asked in our stores is “Can you recommend a good dressmaker?” Finding someone to make that special outfit for whatever occasion can be a fraught experience. It’s one thing to find someone, but can they create your vision and will it FIT (oh yeah, for all the good dressmaker tales, we’ve heard some bad ones too!)? Here at Tessuti, we are happy to provide recommendations. But it’s important to remind you that a recommendation is generally based on a good personal experience and who/what works for some may not work for others. With this in mind, we like to advocate visiting more than one dressmaker before you make your choice. Ask to see some samples of their work, see if they’ll meet your budget and time-frame etc. As a head start, look out for any new posts about any of the dressmakers (linked on the sidebar ) and pictures of satisfied customers wearing their wares.