Thanks for the Excellent Award.

A big thankyou to Christina and Alethia for nominating Sew Tessuti for an Excellent Blog award.

I’m incredibly flattered that those who have inspired me to do this are enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy putting it together. You all know that I love what I do but my satisfaction levels increase a thousand-fold knowing that when I source these wonderful fabrics each season, my customers will appreciate and be inspired to spend their valuable time sewing and learning new dressmaking skills. The truly excellent ones are our Tessuti customers who – time and time again – produce such extraordinary garments, expressions of themselves, from which we are all inspired by.

I now have to nominate 10 other blogs that I love and there are so many that I need to do this when I’m not so tired. In fact, this blog has filled my mind so much so that last night I dreamt The Satorialist came into our Tessuti store!!!!! HA HA! I’m going to ponder this for a bit and get back to you later in the week with my nominations.


PS Whilst the girls are on school hols, I’m having a short blog break for a couple of days. We’re very much looking forward to hanging out with a great friend and her girls in beautiful Kangaroo Valley. I’m thinking long walks, open fires, hot chocolates, warm scarfs, knitting, sleeping, sleeping in…