Think TWICE cut once

YES! you guessed right….I cut out the fronts and back going in different directions to the nap of the velvet. The funny thing is that I have evidence of it ( with the photo below) and it didn’t occur to me until I fused my fabric!!!!

I should have known better….. when cutting anything out the biggest rule is think twice and cut once. It really does pays to take your time and think about what you are doing when cutting into your precious fabric. Making sure to read all your patterns clearly and ….. CONCENTRATE. Admitedly I don’t usually cut and take photos at the same time… I will use this as my excuse!!!

And thankyou to Mamasue, Maryj and Deborah for making me feel better in knowing that it happens to the best of us.

Plus now that I have gotten over ruining my project …… I’ve decided not to waste this lovely ‘Nightscape spot velveteen’ fabric and instead make a jacket for my daughter . I should be able to fit smaller pattern pieces in my larger ones…fingers crossed x I will let you know the results.

Here are some handy tips to know about velvet:

*The right nap – is when the smooth velvet pile is felt up the body – from the hem up . So that if you run your hands down the body – it should feel rough.

*Another way to tell which way the nap should run – is when you hold the fabric up against you – with the grainline running down the body – the velvet should look its deepest and darkest shade – this is your nap. When you hold it the other way the velvet looks lighter – this is not the true nap.

*ALWAYS layout and cut all your pattern pieces running in the same direction as the nap and when buying velvet allow a little extra for this !!!!

*When sewing velvet – using a walking foot or tear-away vilene in between the the two piles of velvet facing each other helps.

If anyone has any other handy tips and tricks for velvet….please share them.