I’m Back!

Sorry about being a slack blogger this week. It is all because my computer decided to pack up on me the day after my last post.

It was very scary because I had loads of photos saved for future pattern reviews ( not to mention all the family pics ) – but luckily our computer guy saved them all – plus gave me a good scolding for not backing up my files. Phew!!!… I am backing up everything from now on.

So I have been without a computer – until now. It is all fixed , unclogged and working alot faster. The good thing about not being able to post or check in on my fave blogs is that it had forced me to finish some projects ( my spot velvet jacket ) and I am well rested from a few early nights. It’s great to be back though.

So what can I share with you now?

Firstly here is gorgeous Grace in Tessuti’s 100% silk ombre in ‘Gelato’.

Grace’s mum Annette contacted us via email from interstate – looking for a silk ombre. I directed her to our blog and our post about this stunning dress fabric. Here she could see the wonderful colourways – this is a very difficult fabric to sample – as you would need to buy at least a metre to see all the colours in it!

So thanks to Annette , gorgeous model Grace and their talented dressmaker – we are able to see this stunning fabric in it’s full glory.