My Spot Velvet Jacket…. finished!

Here finally is my jacket in Tessuti’s 100% cotton velvet in ‘Navy Spot’. The pattern is drafted off a favourite jacket of mine. ( It may be a future Tessuti pattern to download – once I have graded it to other sizes …. do you think this is a style you might like to make ? ) I am really happy with the way it has turned out and I have worn it a few times already. This velvet fabric feels very luxurious and I love the tiny spot print.

You may remember my little mishap when cutting this velvet out!!! You may be wondering how I got around the fact that I cut the front and back in different directions?

Well ….. I had a small piece left over after cutting my jacket out. I hesitated about tossing this piece out and decided to keep it ….just in case. It’s very lucky that I did! The left over velvet was big enough to cut out a two piece yoke and the back piece was flipped around and cut to allow for the yoke – the back hem became the yoke edge seam.

I really love this fabric and I had held onto it for a while waiting for the colder weather to make it up. So I am very pleased that it worked out this well.