Tessuti Awards 2008

Yay! The details about this year’s Tessuti Awards are finally up on our website.

I know that doesn’t leave much time for preparation but don’t we all work best under pressure? It doesn’t matter if I have 6 months or 6 days to finish a project, I still end up putting the final touches together the night before!!!

Follow this link to find out more and don’t forget to register your entry to be part of this exciting event.

*** UPDATED to include further conditions of entry ***

We’ve received a few questions about this year’s Tessuti Awards. So to help clarify things further, here are some more details :

* You can only enter your best garment in a category (meaning you can’t enter more than once in a category). However, if you’re feeling particularly creative you can enter a different garment in both categories.

* The closing date for registration is the 22nd of October – you can register online. So be quick!

Hope to see you there.

PS. Here is some further inspiration , if you need it, from last years winner Beth.

Beth sent me a lovely email including some pics from her trip:

“I had such an amazing trip and can’t thank Tessuti enough for the prize. I would never be able to have gone on a trip like that if it weren’t for the prize. It was my first overseas adventure and now I am so inspired to travel – I’m desperate to finish Uni and head overseas again next year. I’ll be working hard on my entry for this years Tessuti Awards, that’s for sure!

Thanks again!

Beth Finckh “

Beth enjoyed some time in beautiful Italy and then made her way to fabulous Greece and the Greek Islands.

My friend Miranda and I next to the Parthenon at the Acropolis in Athens

Me with a historic windmill at sunset in Oia Santorini

My friend Sam and I with the view of Thira village built into the cliffs of Santorini – beautiful!!