‘Pom Pom Day’ Silk Peasant Dress

To go with the heatwave we just experienced in Sydney this weekend, a post about making an easy sundress is in order.

Here is Georgia’s peasant style dress she made up this summer to go with the fantastic ballet flats she picked up at Di Nuovo in Paddington.

The fabric used was Tessuti’s 100% silk twill ‘Pom Pom Day’ (from our Mad Cortes silk range) and the pattern used for the basis of this dress was McCall’s M5050.

Originally Georgia wanted to use Vogue 2978 pattern , but found it had too much volume in the top half of the dress – for her liking, so decided to use McCalls 5050 instead.

Georgia emailed me the step-by-step alterations she made to this pattern:

1. I usually make XS but because I wanted extra fullness I made the M plus I added an extra inch at the centre fold on the front and an extra inch and a half at the centre fold on the back.

2. To convert the pattern from a shirt to a dress I added 2 1/2 inches front and back and I added a 4 inch double hem (my dress finished just above the knee.)
For added detail and weight on the hem I inserted pale blue satin bias ribbon into the seam of the double hem.

3. Casing for elastic
I measured the front and the back of the dress 5 inches from the top of the front, just below the bust. Then I cut 2 lenghts of fabric 4 inches by the width of the front and back. I stitched the two pieces together then I turned under the top and bottom edges and remaining sides and pressed.
The casing was stitched 5 inches from the top of the front of the dress at the top and bottom of the casing making sure that the casing and dress seams were aligned. Then I stitched one row an inch from the top of the casing and 3 rows every 1/2 inch. I cut one length of 18mm elastic to fit my under
bust and two length of 10mm elastic to fit my waist. Finally I inserted the elastic and secured the ends.

Voila…. my take on a summer silk peasant dress.

Check out Georgia’s lovely silk satin top in one of last year’s posts.