Olivia’s tunic + some of my favourite Japanese sewing pattern books for kids.

Sew Tessuti was in need of posts featuring some sweet little creations and by chance, Kylie from Tamworth emailed us these pictures of her cute daughter Olivia wearing a sweet tunic made from this popular Japanese craft book. Little Olivia looks divine …indeed.

#Style L in Girls Style Book was used for Tessuti’s Kenji Blue. Kylie was so happy with the end result,that she is keen to make another creation ,using the red colourway in this print.



Thankyou Kylie for showing us Olivia’s new top, it’s really inspiring. Stay tuned for Olivia in her ‘Fat Rice’ shirt and muslin wraps for little sis Amelia…really soon!


If you’re a little apprehensive about trying out these pattern books (available on our online store) – if you’d rather browse through them )….don’t! If you can sew, you must give these a try, even beginners can follow the very clear diagrams. Most of the patterns are very simple designs and quick to make. The big pattern companies should take note, the patterns are great and the styling is exceptional and up-to-date.

Here are some of my favourite books containing some wonderful girls patterns (the measurements refer to height) – to look out for:

Simple Natural Baby Dress – babies (60-70cm) toddlers (75 -90cm)

Girls Clothes – (90 -120cm)

Girls Sassy Clothes – (90 – 130cm)

Innocent and Lovely Childrenswear – (100 -130cm)

Girly Style Wardrobe – (100 – 140cm)

Handmade Girls Clothes – (100 -140cm)

Girl’s Holiday Clothes (130 – 150 cm)

There are a few containing patterns for boys. Here is my pick:

Boys and Girls Clothes – (80 -110cm)

Boys and Girls Standard Clothes – (100 – 130cm)

New York Style Kids Clothes – ( 3 – 8yrs)