This is not a drill

It feels funny. Good funny. In the build-up to opening our Melbourne store, we had so many stop-starts that now it feels kind of surreal. But we have actual signs (OK, so they’re really just A4 sheets of paper but it’s a start) up in actual windows. It’s really happening and the wheels are really in motion. And it’s really very exciting.

With the benefit of hindsight, we should’ve been a little more mysterious about our location. You Melbournians sure do know your lanes, don’t you? And yes, we’re opening up at 141 Flinders Lane, in the ground floor space accessed via this gorgeous doorway and situated on the corner of Oliver Lane, near Russell Street.

We’re still pinching ourselves that we’ll be situated in such a beautiful part of Melbourne’s CBD. We hope you love the spot (and shop!) as much as we do. Oh, and the button and needle number on the building? Well, we absolutely took that as a (pardon the pun) sign that this was where we wanted to be!