Look Mum, no hands pattern!

Appendicitis. As it turns out, not so much fun. But there are definitely some upsides. Mum’s food deliveries. I got to stay in bed for quite a bit. I slept. Read. Watched Oprah and Entertainment Tonight (if I wasn’t sleeping). And then one day, I found myself staring at that pile of unfinished sewing projects just to the right of the TV. And I thought, oh yeah! that’s right, I was gonna make you (and you, and you, and you) . So call it my new, appendix-free, inspired self. No more buying fabric ’til the UFOs are complete (remnants excluded, ’cause there ain’t no use fighting the purchase of those half price pearls).

Presenting Finished Item #1 – a super simple cotton voile hail spot (purchased at Tessuti Surry Hills around two years ago. Alas, not in stock but similar hail spots are available) top. Cut two rectangles. Cut out two armholes. Casing along the top. Seam along the sides. Insert Mokuba binding for straps. Cue 35 degree weather forecast. Outfit for stinking hot day sorted (and so easy, I’m ashamed it sat in the pile for that long).