Your questions answered…

Ken, our web guy wanted to add a post here about this years Tessuti Awards:

‘There’s been a couple of questions raised in the Tessuti Awards comments about the voting and I’d like to take an opportunity to address a few of them.

One Vote Per IP

We wanted to make sure that the voting was fair, from the outset. So while you can vote more than once, at the end of the competition we will scrape the database to delete multiple votes from the same IP address (recording your highest vote for each dress, per IP). You’ll still be able to vote from work, home, school etc, and your friends and family can vote, but ultimately only once per IP.

We’ve had thousands of votes already, so every (unique) vote counts!

The Displayed Vote vs Actual Vote

We wanted to keep the actual winner of the Visitor’s Choice a bit of a suprise, so the votes displayed (from highest to lowest) only show the average rounded rating, but in the database we keep the rating as a decimal rating. What this means is all the dresses with 4 hearts are grouped together and displayed in any order, all the dresses with 3 hearts are grouped and displayed in any order and so on. This should give some hope to those entries that are close to the top.

Also, because the displayed heart rating is a rounded average, there might not be a lot of votes difference between two dresses. For example two dresses with 4 hearts might have averages of 4.21 and 4.19 hearts.

The ranges are…
5 Hearts = 4.5 – 5
4 hearts = 3.5 – 4.5
3 hearts = 2.5 – 4.5 and so on.

Visitor’s Choice Voting

Keep in mind, the Visitor’s Choice is just a bit of extra fun, an excuse to show off your collective creativity to your friends, family and the sewing community.

The winners of the Visitor’s Choice voting will win a Tessuti Voucher. The voting does not effect who wins the major prizes of two trips to New York. The finalist for the two main prize categories are chosen by a panel of judges using the criteria set out on the Judging page of the Tessuti Awards website.

Need Help?

Finally, if you need help with using the Tessuti Awards website, or uploading photos, please contact me at … good luck everyone!