L.O.V.E my Esyhem – vintage hem marker

I received this little beauty for my birthday last year, a thoughtful and treasured gift from this lovely friend. I’d been on the look out for one ever since I saw this one in Bernadette’s showroom, during a sewing lesson. So happy am I!!!

This Esyhem (circa 1950’s-60’s) vintage skirt marker helps to pin hemlines evenly every time. As far back as the 40’s, dressmakers or seamstresses have been using a standing ruler (similar to this) with an adjustable arm to accurately measure and pin-set the hem by floor length….without chalky or uneven lines.

Simply a wooden ruler on a metal stand (mine measures from 11″ to 24″) with a metal sliding guide and pull out clamp arm. To use it:
Firstly, using the sliding metal guide to find the desired length and securing it into place. Then whilst wearing the dress/skirt (or having it on a dress form) the fabric is meant to go inside the clamp, placing a pin in the groove catching the fabric and then pulling away the clamp arm and the pin is left in place!!! You, the seamstress ( or the hubby, in my case!) moves around the skirt clamping,pinning and releasing, allowing for a perfect all-over hemline. Just the thing one needs for those full circular hems or dresses cut on the bias!

Go on! Check out any vintage store, Ebay or Etsy (don’t worry they pop up from time to time) and get yourself one too!