Feature Fabric of the Week – (Black or Blue) Tabu Tori

It doesn’t happen often, but now and then we get a customer who buys a fabric and then walks back into the store, only days later, wearing their latest garment made up in aforementioned purchase. Aside from marvelling at their sheer speed (and, speaking for myself, envying their discipline) it really is such a pleasure that a fabric either inspires them so much so they have to make it up NOW, or it totally fits the (fabric) bill for a pattern they’ve been planning on making up for quite some time.

Over the last week, we’ve had two such lovely customers in our Melbourne store. Jacinta popped in last week sporting this skirt she whipped up in a weekend.

The fabric is our Black Tobu Tori and the pattern is Sewaholic’s ‘Crescent Skirt’, a gathered skirt with fitted yokes. You can’t really see it in the photos, but I do so love the red top stitching and the gathered back.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that Jacinta chose to have the birds flying upwards because it was “more optimistic”*!

Pamela, another Melbourne regular (*and, I might add, not at all un-optimistic), also took a shine to our Tobu Tori fabric – this time in Blue.

The pattern is (OOP) Vogue 2527…

Pamela made the following changes:

– I cut out size 12 so it would be a bit bigger/boxier
– I added 5cm to the length
– I added 20cm to the elastic that goes through the hem so it would sit down on my hips rather than up near my waist
– I deleted the sleeve cuff, lengthened the sleeve by 5cm and created an elastic casing (had to make a facing pattern)
– I deleted the buttons from the concealed button placket down the back and just did some decorative stitching plus stitching on one fake button at the top.
– I deleted the button/buttonhole from the front.

My instinct is to sign off this post in a really cheesy manner and say, “Clever birds, aren’t they?”. But instead, I’ll sign off and say…

Love your work, ladies. Thanks for sharing.