Buying trip giveaway

Having just returned from our annual buying trip to Europe, I’m feeling sooooo excited about the beautiful fabrics we’ve purchased from Italy and, for the first time, Germany . They’re all bundled up and en route to Sydney as I type this.

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. The only thing holding me back is a rather delayed reaction to some hardcore jetlag and a two week stint of jury duty. Not a winning combination, I can assure you…

And so, foggy head and all, I’m marking my return with a beautiful giveaway. I picked this one up in Greece and, unlike last year, I actually remembered to bring it home with me (long story).

Mallia Sakalak
30 Kolokotroni St
Ph: +30 2103231710

Whilst in Athens, I made a point of visiting Mallia Sakalak, a knitters paradise situated just minutes from the much troubled Syntagma Square (but we witnessed no sign of trouble only coffee/ouzo drinking and the sound of dice rolling on backgammon boards). I’ve been following the store after coming across it on Flickr. On my visit I was very lucky to meet owner Joseph, and discovered his store has been in the family for three generations.

Although this blog is predominantly a sewing blog, I know that quite a few of our readers are also knitters. So when I spotted beautiful 100% linen LANG YARN (Imported from Italy) in the store, I couldn’t resist!

For this giveaway I have 10 balls of Shade 0070 – Steel Grey, plus …

…Joseph very kindly threw in an issue of FATTO A MANO 182 – SUMMER COLLECTION, which includes 70 stylish and up-to-date knitting patterns!

Feel free to leave a comment if you would like to receive the yarn and book. All readers welcome, local and international, by end of day Wednesday 3rd August AEST. Note: Readers without a Google account please leave me your email address.

Needles crossed!