Vintage Butterick 9582, in **deep breath** colour.

When it comes to my personal fashion preference – or, more specifically, the colour of it – I worship at the altar of black. Always have, always will. For me, it’s very much what I love to wear, what I’m comfortable in and what I’m invariably drawn to. Oh yes, and it goes ever so well with the rest of my wardrobe.

And so, this latest creation is about as far, far away from my colour comfort zone as I’ve ever ventured. Inspired by the 5 year old stepboy’s birthday party theme – Loud Shirts and Thongs* – I quickly made this top in the preceding nights for I literally (thongs excepted) had not a thing to wear.

The pattern is Vintage Butterick 9582, View D. Top front is Magenta Zin, and the back is Manderin Zin – both 100% linen. And for extra “loud”, I decided to add our wool/cotton/nylon trim (I.T Trim 3 – available all stores) because it was the perfect match for both colours. And if you look really, really hard, there’s a little bit of black in there.

I might just have to have another sewing go at this colour blocking thing. It’s really hard to resist the incredibly vibrant and clashy spring/summer colours out there. Are you a fan?

* thanks for the clarification on ‘thongs’ Marie! (Refer comment below)