Help Adrian

Meet Adrian, our Warehouse Manager. Amongst other roles and responsibilities, he’s charged with the task of naming our fabrics. Cool job, huh? But when you’ve named over 100,000 fabrics over the years (and years), the well of inspiration can run a bit dry. And when you stare at a plain black fabric and the only words that spring to mind are ‘Black’ and ‘Night’, you know you need help. And so, dear readers, we’re pleased to introduce a new and regular blog feature – Help Adrian.

Can you come up with a great name for the 100% cotton print pictured above? It’s perfect for tops, blouses, dresses, skirts, contrast lining in coats/jackets. If we choose your suggestion, not only do you have naming (and therefore bragging) rights, you’ll also receive two metres of this fabric.

Comments will close 11:59pm Sunday May 6th AEST.

Get clever, help Adrian and good luck!