Silk Stash Giveaway

Listen up folks – it’s giveaway time! Up for grabs are three stashes comprising four stunning silks, including a piece of Pucci (silk satin). The other fabrics are a printed chiffon, habutae and georgette. The remnant lengths (approx 2m per piece) do have some faults so you’ll have to cut around them.  We hate to see good fabric go to waste so if you’d like to go in the running to win one, all you need to do is leave a comment. A nice and not-spammy one is preferable.

We’ll select three winners at random. If you’re commenting anonymously, PLEASE don’t forget to include your email address in the comment. Facebook followers can also be eligible by leaving a comment over here. Giveaway closes Thursday 18th October 4pm AEST and we’ll announce the recipients the following day.

Smells like a good one to me.