White Check, once more (plus our giveaway winners!)

Loathe as I am to discuss the weather on this here blog, I will. But I’ll keep it brief and just say it’s been pretty damn hot here in Melbourne. The kind of hot that makes you want to walk around in your knickers when it’s deeply impractical and entirely inappropriate to do so. So what’s the next best thing for a girl to wear on a stinking hot day? My go-to is always the dress. And as it turns out, so is staff member Courtney’s. Hers is made up in our linen/viscose blend White Check and the pattern has been taken from one of her blocks. Now we’ve blogged about this fabric twice before – once for my girl’s dress and another time for a groom’s shirt. That officially makes it good AND versatile. It’s a (cream-y) white on white, self-woven gingham check that has a wonderful seersucker look with a soft, drapey handle. And it also dyes up a treat if white isn’t your thing.


Thanks to all of you who left a comment on our Valentine’s Day giveaway. Our winners are VivJM and Anonymous (mos12@optusnet…). Congrats guys! Please email us with your postal details and we’ll send the fabric out to you soon.