Robyn’s New York Cape (modified)

We first met Robyn a few months ago when she came into our Melbourne store wearing one of the most beautiful coats I’ve ever clapped my coat-loving eyes on. It was navy wool, trench style and as we ooh-ed and ahh-ed over it, Robyn told us she’d purchased it in Italy in 1971. If that statement wasn’t impressive in itself, she then went on to say she’d worn it pretty much EVERY winter since buying it. Now good readers, I will tell you that her coat looked as good as the day she bought it and was fashion proof that they just don’t make clothing like they used to.

Anyhoo, Robyn’s most excellent coat is not what what I’m here to blog about. I’m actually blogging about her most excellent version of our New York Cape. It’s made up in our wool/alpaca Cascading Lights (as blogged here) and the design was modified to exclude the hood.

I particularly love how she’s turned back the collar to create a lapel that so effectively uses the fabric reverse.

Beautiful, no? And the perfect addition to Robyn’s stylish, classic wardrobe.