Making the Suzy Pants without pockets.

If you’ve purchased our new Suzy Pant pattern, you’ll note that we referred to alternate instructions that show you how to make them without pockets. With this more tapered style, some of you may prefer less bulk on the hips and eliminating the pockets is the best way to do this. Apologies for the black thread on black fabric, but if you refer to the photos in the original instruction booklet, you’ll get the gist.

Step 1 (same for Suzy Pants with or without pockets): Pin pleat notches on front pant in direction towards side seam. Sew across pleats just inside side seam allowance at top to secure in place.

Step 2: With right sides facing pin outer legs of fronts and backs together. Sew 1/2″ seam allowance.

Overlock seams together and press towards back leg.

Step 3: Edge stitch near seam on right side and on back side of pant, catching seam allowance at back. This gives a nice finish and will keep your seams flat.

Next, skip to Step 8 (as follows) and proceed as per the rest of your instructions!


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