My Suzy(s) in My Year of Pants

This year, I decided that 2013 would be My Year of Pants. Strange but true. The goal was quite simple really – I just wanted to conquer my fear and make some pants that I could actually wear. I wanted them to look good, fit well and feel comfortable. I’ve had a couple of failed forays into the pant-making world. Oh yes, big fails. Now I must say, the Anita Ponti Pant is a freakin’ great start for anyone looking to dip their toe into those pant-sewing waters. I made these three pairs and I’m still wearing them all over the place and I haven’t fallen out of love with them, not one little bit. From a pant-fitting point of view, they’re a pretty straightforward sew given they’re stretch, slim and not far from a skinny pant or legging. And that’s precisely where my pant-wearing comfort zone sits – in the skinny/slim/fitted zone. And then it’s mostly jeans. Scrap that, it’s ALL jeans.

So when I pattern tested our new Suzy Pant pattern, I was all focused on the instructions and the correct numbering of steps and the grammar and the editing and the formatting because that’s what pattern-testers are meant to do, right? I was half-hearted about the end result because I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t love these pants but, knock me down with a french curve, I really and actually do! They are Comfortable. They are Soft. They are Awesome. Correct – capital CSA worthy. I give extra bonus points (and a further helping of dessert thanks very much) for an elastic waistband too. At the risk of sounding creepy, it’s kinda like wearing pants but feeling like you’re not actually wearing pants. And oh beloved skinny jean collection, you NEVER give me that.

To date, I’ve made two pairs – one in ‘Olive Stretch’ (silk/elastane, available Melbourne only) and one in a black 100% viscose. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if I make up a pattern more than once, I gotta love ’em. And these I do, having just started my third pair in this fabulous fabric. That ought to do it. But this time around, I’ll be trying Kelli‘s modification for a flat fronted waistband. How cool are these?

My big tip if you’re making these pants? Take your time in preparing your fabric. I may be stating the bleeding obvious here but when it comes to cutting these out, follow any good tip/s you’ve got on cutting the delicate stuff. You’ll be very glad you did. And if you’ve got these pants on your sewing agenda and missed this earlier blog post, be sure to check out our tips and video tutorial on sewing elastic into a waist tunnel casing in one easy step.