Melbourne Sew Inn – 2014 dates now available

Much as I am in denial about the fact that 2014 is but a little over a month away, I thought it best to get some Sew Inn dates up and running for the first half of next year. We are very pleased to be offering some new* classes too. Class descriptions are outlined below and all available dates can be viewed and purchased on our online booking page.

Bring Your Own Project – designed as a self-paced class, our BYO class is perfect for those who wish to work on a specific project with as much or as little assistance as you need. Great for all sewing levels.

*Bag Making for Beginners – Join Suzie to start your bag making adventure and make this fully reversible sling shoulder bag. Suitable for even very beginners this bag pattern gives great results every time because of its super clever construction. It makes a fantastic carry all tote at full size, or can easily be altered to make bags in a variety of sizes. During this four hour class you will cover techniques to make simple bags out of fabric and complete one sling bag. You will also have time to make either another version of the same style or commence another pattern and discuss introducing other materials such as adjustable straps and clasps. All participants in the class will get a full size paper copy of the sling bag pattern and can also purchase a full size paper copy of an additional pattern for a simple pieced shoulder bag if they wish.

Sewing with Japanese Patterns – a class specifically aimed at helping students understand how to use the wonderful range of Japanese sewing pattern books. Bring along your chosen project/book and Suzie will guide you through the process of locating and tracing your pattern pieces as well as interpreting the diagrams during the construction phase.

Sewing Knits Without An Overlocker (for Beginners) – While an overlocker is an ideal tool for sewing knit fabrics, a home sewing machine can achieve great results with simple knits. This class is designed for those who may never have sewn with knits before and would like to start with simple projects such as T-shirts, jersey dresses, leggings or knit pants.

Modification of a Commercial Pattern to Fit Your Shape
– This class will teach you how to fit a calico and then you will be shown how to transfer the fitting alterations onto your pattern. Students attending the class will be required to cut and sew a calico before the class so that it is ready to fit on the day. Suitable for intermediate-advanced sewing levels only.

*Sewing the New York Cape – This class will take you through the step-by-step process of making your very own New York Cape and will guide you through the key aspects of the various sewing stages. The session will run for six hours and can also help if you are considering making any changes to the pattern, such as altering length or removing the hood.

*Take a Pattern From Your Favourite Garment – Learn how to create a pattern from your favourite garment without taking it apart.

If you have questions about any of the classes, feel free to email us at or give the Melbourne store a call on 96544566. Sydney 2014 classes will be announced soon so stand by for those shortly.