Tutorial/Video: How to sew a thread button loop

Our Ruby Top pattern has a delicate button/loop closure at the back of the neck, that requires a thread button loop. We have had a few enquiries asking how to do this. So here’s the method I use when making my thread button loops which I find a whole lot easier than making teeny tiny fabric rouleau loops!  This method can be used when making delicate belt carriers for dresses too.

For those who prefer a quick visual, check out the video tutorial below (Note: in the video I’ve used contrast purple thread to help make it more visible):

There’s also this step by step tutorial showing you how, please click on images for a closer look:

Sew your button on the right hand side of your back neck opening, you will need your button sewn in place so that you can check measure how long to make your thread loop

Double thread your needle so that you have four strands of thread,

 and insert your needle at the back side of either the top edge or bottom edge of your neck binding and come through the binding edge.
 Sew a few stitches to secure into place, then make a loop with your thread. 
You should now have a loop and the thread coming off the needle.
Hold loop open with your thumb and forefinger
grab the thread (with forefinger) 
and pull it through the loop to chain stitch in place (check out video tutorial above to see motion)
Repeat threading through loop until your chain stitching is long enough to go around button, 
then secure off by threading right through the loop to end. 
Next sew into place at opposite binding edge to create your button loop. Neaten off on inside of garment.

Now you have one lovely thread button loop! Happy sewing friends x