Mission Maxi Modified

I do love me a frock, especially in summer time. I’ve been struggling to find a maxi pattern that suits me because most designs that I’m drawn to seem to suit the tall and small-busted, of which I am definitely neither. A few months back, I purchased Jamie Christina’s Mission Maxi and it’s a great design in addition to being super (super) quick and easy to make. I originally made up View A in a remnant from the stash…

… and then – inspired by something I saw in retail-world – decided to make it again with modifications. I left the top part as is because both the fit and the racer back are perfect. Then, from the underarm, I angled the pattern out and created a curved hem as seen below. I also shortened the length by a good 30cm at the hem’s highest point.

I made two versions, the first (trial) in Dark Cat

…and the second in In the Works (both sold out).

This year, Tessuti has carried our best range ever of printed jerseys and I don’t normally do patterns more than once (same goes for books I read) but I can feel another one coming on.

And in this final post for 2011, Colette and I would like to wish you all a fabulously happy 2012. Thanks for reading us!