Fabric Feature – Reformed Two Way Stretch

In our early blogging days, we were partial to posting something we called ‘Fabric Feature of the Week’. Not sure why we stopped doing that but it was most likely the (over) commitment to a weekly blog post. Maybe we should consider re-introducing it (should we?) because there’ll always be fabrics we love to share.

Here’s one. Two actually. This 89% polyester 11% polyurethane is a two-way stretch woven we call Reformed and it comes in both Black and a dark French Navy. It’s got a gorgeous drape and we’d best describe it as a smooth crepe.

Sourced from a local designer, we started sampling up a few styles to see how it made up. A proper case of turning-out-WAY-better-than-we-thought-it-would was with our Avalon Pants. The Avalon pattern recommends a jersey knit, and despite Reformed being a stretch woven, the fabric worked brilliantly. It’s worth bearing in mind that because there’s less stretch in the Reformed, we do suggest sizing up. Gabby’s wearing her pair above with a Tyra Tee from Just Patterns, made up in our Middle Stretch cotton/spandex jersey.

After making Gabby’s pair, Silva went same-same-but-different using the Reformed Black to make herself a pleated, elastic waist pair of pants (her own pattern). She’s also wearing the Tyra Tee, made in Shining Through viscose jersey, layered over a long sleeve top.

After Gabby and Silva’s success, I too jumped straight on that Avalon/Reformed wagon, going for the French Navy. After wearing and completely loving my pair for nearly a year now, last spring I decided to make a matching Arkie Shirt and it’s turned into a pattern pairing I LOVE.

The Reformed fabric has some bounce so there are no crisp, pressed corners here. But it perfectly suits the relaxed nature of the Arkie Shirt, and together with the Avalon Pants, the outfit delivers an appealing blend of simple, easy, casual, refined, modern and comfortable. I find myself reaching for this set frequently and there’s definitely (and happily) some secret pyjama action going on here.

On a final note, it’s also worth mentioning that this fabric is completely crease resistant and quick drying which makes it brilliant for travel wear. Straight out of the wardrobe, straight off the washing line or straight out of the suitcase, it just looks so good. When I was wearing this set Arkie/Avalon set in the shop a few weeks ago, someone asked me if my outfit was silk which is exactly where the magic of this fabric lies. Despite being synthetic, it still feels elevated.