Pattern Review – New Look 6010 (modified)

Lovely Georgia has just finished making this silk/cotton blend Light Fireworks blouse and it’s a beauty!

The pattern used was New Look 6010, and as you may have noticed there have been some modifications!  Georgia loves to make an otherwise great pattern, even better and more importantly more suited to her tastes.

For this pull-on blouse Georgia eliminated the button placket (she’s not a fan of sewing them), so instead extended the yoke/bib seam line on the front pattern piece all the way down to the hem, making sure to add seam allowance to that line. Re-cutting and squaring off the curved edge of the yoke/bib pattern piece, cutting it on the fold. Next creating a new rectangular centre front panel piece that measured approx 52cm wide and the correct length to match the length of the shirt, this was gathered and added at the bottom of the new yoke/bib front. Lastly Georgia took out the fullness at the bottom of the sleeve pattern and instead of putting a tuck in the cuff as the pattern suggested, she added a simple cuff that was wide enough to get her hands through and narrow enough to sit at her upper arms if she wanted to push them up.

But I fear if I explain how Georgia sewed up the yoke/bib piece, to end up with the fold edge at the slit opening I may confuse you all!

If you really want to know how this pretty blouse was put together and learn how to make one up for yourself, come along to Georgia’s Bring Your Own Project classes, she’d be happy to teach you (not recommended for absolute beginners)!

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