Merchant and Mills’ (Modified) Top No. 64 – the drop-waist version

As promised, here’s my second version of Merchant & Mills’ Top No. 64. This time, I modified the pattern to create a drop-waist dress. The fabric is divine – a super-fine Italian cord, 100% cotton and the very definition of a dream to sew.

I chose Velluto Summer for the main colourway, Velluto Autumn for the contrast raglan sleeves and used a topstitch thread alongside the centre front and back seams to embellish that simple design detail.

I have to say I’m digging this drop-waist style. Maybe it’s a Gatsby thing? Aside from the obvious comfort-factor, it’s a pretty easy pattern modification to add to your favourite top pattern, particularly those of the more box-y kind. The most important thing is to figure out where the dropped waistline sits best to suit your body shape, torso and leg length. Too low (as my first attempt was) and you could look – according to the fella –  a little too ‘Little House on the Prairie.

If you’re keen on this style, I’ve noticed a few drop-waist designs popping up on the interwebs including this gorgeous Pattern Runway Liberty version by Kirsty. If you have any other recommendations, do share.