Our newest pattern – The Lola Tee

I have a niece called Lola. Not long after she was born I heard this song – Whatever Lola Wants. In the ensuing years, any time I saw Lola having a tantrum that song would play on a loop in my head. And if I really wanted to annoy my sister (Lola’s mum), I’d sing it out loud right after she’d give up and give in to the kid. I reckon teasing your sister never gets old, it just gets funnier. 

Other than sharing names, there is no other reasonable segue from that story to the introduction of our latest pattern – The Lola Tee. Except perhaps that it is an awesome song and this is an awesome pattern. The Lola Tee is designed for jersey (knit) fabrics and has cap sleeves and a scoop neck with a bound finish. It has a slight A-line shape that makes it more fitted around the bust and less fitted around the waist.

It allows for raw edges at the sleeve and hemline or, if you prefer, you can finish with a twin needle stitch. When making my two versions pictured here, I split the difference and finished the hem but left the sleeves edges raw. I like the little curl that happens and – let’s be frank here folks –  in my sewing world, the less hemming the better.

My striped version above is made up in ‘Skinny Lines’ (now sold out), a viscose/spandex knit and similar in weight to any one of these jerseys that we currently have available online. And there’s an even bigger selection in-store.  I am a BIG fan of this knit composition. It’s a perfect stable weight, machine washable, holds its shape and of all the viscose/spandex items I’ve made, I’ve never had one pill on me.

My second version (above) is made up in our 100% cotton Nina knit. In addition to black, it’s also available in these shades. There’s no spandex/elastane component so it made up a little differently and is more your regular t-shirt grade type of knit. It’s a lot lighter to wear, fantastically soft and my next version’s coming in this grey marle.

The pattern is available to purchase in Hardcopy Version or Print At Home or Copy Shop PDF, with all sizes included XS, S, M, L and XL.

That’s my sister above in a version I made for her from some stash fabric. See, sometimes I’m pretty nice to her too…