The Pietra Pants by Closet Core Patterns

Five or more years ago I bought a pair of tapered khaki pants that became one of my best wardrobe buddies. They had pockets. The waistband was elasticised in the back and they had a button-up fly front that I never, ever used. These were strictly pull-on, pull-off, comfortable, go-with-everything, casual pants and last year, they finally and irretrievably fell apart. In a new year Kondo blitz I threw them out (but not before I thanked them, of course) and I do recall a brief thought along the lines of  ‘I should take a pattern from these’.  But that’s all it was – brief. And to be fair, that would’ve taken me a while to do which would’ve meant they went back in the cupboard which would definitely have not been in the true spirit of Kondo.  Not long after they were gone, that feeling came over me – you know it – regret. Deep regret. Yearning regret. Kondo Regret (Google it, it’s a thing).

Here I’m wearing my Pietra Pants with the Olya Shirt

Since then I’ve been on the hunt for a pattern to replace those pants and when the Pietra Pants from Closet Core Patterns were released, I knew these were it. They’re not identical to what I had but there’s an elasticised back waistband and hello to those very, very cute pockets. Also, it’s hard to go past a pattern that gives you not one but FOUR style options.

For my first pair, I went with View B which is slim and tapered. The fabric I chose is linen and a most beautiful shade called EU Tumble Green. It’s quite teal-y and apologies, our online shop photos just don’t do it justice, but the colour in these images is spot on.

I took a punt on the sizing and cut a 2 which is actually two sizes down on my hip/waist measurements. I chose this based on the pattern’s finished hip measurement. I also shortened the leg on the lower portion of pattern to suit my height (I’m 5’3″/160cm).

The pocket detailing is divine but the thing I love most about these pants is the fit. The magical combination of high-waisted, flat front and elasticised back waist makes them super comfortable too. Also, bonus points for giving me backside when I really don’t have much backside at all.

Another thing I love about this pattern – it’s a pretty quick sew. Not long after I made my first pair we received our new delivery of Pebble Wash linens and I fell pretty hard for this Henna colour. From there I decided to make up Pietra View A, wide legged and cropped.

This fabric is perfect for pants as it’s a little heavier but still drapey, and it has a nice close weave. The washed finish gives it a unique texture that’s not the linen norm.

Like all Closet Core patterns, the instructions are impeccable and everything came together quickly and easily. In addition to the two styles I’ve made here, the pattern also provides options for shorts and full length wide leg pants.

Another shout out to Nik for the fabulous images and for giving this pattern all the photo justice it deserves.

These pants are going to be an absolute spring, summer and probably autumn winner. How about you? Have you got Pietra in your future sewing plans?