McCalls 7166 in Linford linen

This skirt falls firmly into two categories. Firstly – Spontaneous. There was no long-term planning of this one, trawling through Pinterest, hashtag surfing on Instagram. This was categorically an eleventh hour make for our Melbourne staff Christmas party. I wasn’t planning on making anything because December/crazy/warp speed, right?

But then, as we sewing folk often do, I felt the irresistible urge to make. So I did. Which brings me to the second category of this skirt – Favourite. I finished this over a two night sewing frenzy (FYI – it’s a quick sew), wore it to our Christmas party on Saturday night and then again on Sunday. And I might have worn it twice again this week.

The pattern is one I made back in 2016McCalls 7166. It looks to be out of print on the McCalls site but you can still get it from Palmer/Pletsch. This time I made the longer View C (extending a little for further length – I used 1.8m) and sewed the gathers to the outside of the drop waist yoke. I kept things flat along the side seams, eliminating any gathering there.

The fabric is our Linford Black (all the other colours here) and the perfect linen for this skirt and all those gathers. And while a light weight linen sometimes calls for a lining, all that delicious volume in the skirt fabric eliminates any need.

It’s been variously paired with my Kate Top (pictured here in an old stashed seersucker), this one-shoulder top, a Mandy Boat Tee, my Coni Tunic top and a faithful denim jacket. Winner? I think so.