Sewing Tip: Tear-Away Vilene Shields

Want to know what Vilene shields are? If you end up with necklines, armholes and waistbands stretching whilst you’re handling/sewing your garment, a very unsightly mess, read on! In sewing classes, sewing reference books etc we’ve all been told to stay-stitch…

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What is Block Fusing?

When it comes to starting a new sewing project, I enjoy the cutting process ( I really do!) and of course sitting at my machine to start sewing. But the bit I find truly tedious is ironing the fiddly interfacing…

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Garment Fusing Service in Surry Hills

When interfacing jackets or coats that require lots of pattern pieces to be bonded with fusing – this task can be very time consuming , not to mention the frustration of having the interfacing start to bubble if it has…

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