Adrian’s sweet tooth

Some of you may not notice the quirky, interesting and funny names on our fabric labels, along with the essential details like fabric content, care instructions, width and price! The person behind these names is our warehouse manager Adrian, who also manages and runs our very organised and tidy stockroom.

You can imagine how difficult it is to come up with something new and interesting time and time again! As soon as our latest stock arrives through the loading dock Adrian sets to work, drawing inspiration from artists/artwork he admires, places he has been or would like to visit, songs etc and when he’s  really stuck for inspiration he opens up a page in the Collins Dictionary and points to any word and tries to make it fit. Sounds easy but it’s not!

But mostly the names are linked to something sweet and delicious as Adrian has a bit of a sweet tooth. Under his rolling machine you will always find jars of sweets eg. jelly beans, licorice and nougat. So when this Cotton Voile (picture above) arrived , Adrian was quick to name these  ‘Royal Tim Tam’ and ‘Mustard Tim Tam ‘…interesting!

I think this lovely cotton print would look great in Vogue 8380 perhaps trimmed with a plain linen or cotton for the strap/ties.