Why I love Melbourne

Sorry there haven’t been any posts lately. Lately, I have just spent 4 fantastic days in my other favourite city , Melbourne with Gabby and Claudia to catch up with family.
If you are ever in Melbourne, check out:
For coffee (which I can’t live without) St Ali in South Melbourne here is their blog
Mr Tulk Cafe at the State Library of Victoria…I still can’t stop thinking of the bresaola with cabbage,pea and parmesan salad….mmmmm
We had a great dinner at Cookie in Swanson St, Melb.
Shopping in Melbourne…Meet Me At Mikes she has a gorgeous new store in Brunswick St Fitzroy where we found the best vintage sailors dress for Claudia.Read about the store in their blog
Zakkaya where I bought a gift for a friends baby.
Douglas and Hope to drool over their japanese fabric quilts.

Looking forward to visiting soon X