All Buttons Great and Small – Newtown

If you are a true sewer, then this post should hit all the right buttons (sorry, couldn’t resist)!!

All Buttons Great and Small in Newtown has to be one of my favourite Sydney shops. As some of you know, we stock a wonderful range of buttons at Tessuti – some of which come from here – but I’ll be the first to admit we have nothing like the impressive range found at this button shop located at 419A King Street, Newtown (down the St.Peters end of King St).

This little shop is choc-a-block full of beautiful buttons, buckles, fasteners etc from all over the world – vintage and new – in every colour, composition, size and shape you could wish for.

And, just as you would find the fabrics set out at Tessuti stores, the buttons here are all displayed together in their colours and it’s a beautiful sight to behold!!!!

You can find:









very cute novelty

buckles and other attachments

and much much more…