Crazy left- over fabric scrap bag

Left-over fabric scraps! We all have them. Here’s a fun idea for your left-over scraps of light weight silks. Lindy wore this into Tessuti one Saturday and the whole store stopped and asked her about her fabulous bag.

It is made by a very clever lady who collects scraps from sari factories in India. She then knits them up with large knitting needles. She joins together fabric bits as she works along the bag (the pieces are no wider than 7cm), knotting the new fabric on to the last. She leaves the knot (with the two joining fabrics hanging) on the outer edge of the bag to create this, scrappy effect. Proceeds from bag sales goes towards the homeless in India. Fantastic.

The bag is knitted in one long rectangular piece and then the side seams are stitched together. The straps (there are two, plaited and joined together with a stitch here and there) measure 120cm in length.

Lindy says the fraying occurs with wear and this effect adds to its charm, don’t you think? It’s such a fun, statement accessory, and all for a great cause!