My E blog nomination goes to…

Apologies for taking so long. I hadn’t forgotten to nominate my favourite blogs. Thanks again to Christina and Alethia for nominating Sew Tessuti.

There are just SO many that I love (need?) to visit regularly. Every single blog listed on this site (at right) gives me so much enjoyment and inspiration.

This time, I’d like to give my ‘E’ award to some wonderful Australian sewing blogs. Some of you may already know about them, but if you don’t be sure to check them out. In no particular order:

Lower your presser foot
Bloom’s fabric obsession
My art is my outlet
6.5 stitches
I wanna frock and roll all night

I’d love to know about any other fabulous Australian sewing blogs out there, so please leave a comment if you do….

UPDATE: I can’t believe that I forgot to mention these fabulous Aussie blogs that are already on my links on the right – forgive me!

Clementines Shoes
Kbenco Projects
Hyena In Petticoats
Floating World

And just this morning I have discovered another great Australian blog – that I didn’t know about – so please keep them coming :

HongKong Shopper