Christine Jonson patterns – 526 Wrap Dress

Wow! It’s been toooo long. I still haven’t got my computer back …bugger! So I have to make do with a laptop I’ve borrowed.

I need to get into the mode of regular posts again and I can’t put it off any longer. It’s not that I don’t want to share some news with you. It’s just that since my long hiatus – I don’t know where and what to start with!!!

I think the pattern reviews are always a favourite . So I’ll give you the latest from Donna and the wonderful Christine Jonson patterns.

The first I’d heard of these patterns was when Donna sent me these photos of her great jersey wrap dress made up in Tessuti’s ‘Mod Cats’ jersey knit. I must say that when our customers are looking for jersey, they usually want to make a wrap dress a la’ Diane von Furstenberg.

image from Net-A-Porter

image from Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Donna wrote in her email:

This dress was made using the viscose elastane Cat print from last summer.
It washes and wears beautifully.The pattern is #526 from the range by Christine Jonson. These are available on the net and are designed specifically for knits, particularly 2-way stretch knits.

I have shortened the dress (looking at the photos I think it could be shortened some more) and have changed the sleeve to elbow length with a band. The bodice is self lined, giving a smooth edge, but I also added clear elastic to the edge for support. It was quite difficult to cut out as the pattern wasn’t straight on the grain – so required a bit of juggling for things to line up!

Christine’s patterns are really good and have a ready-to-wear cut which is much closer fitting than the big 4.”

How fabulous! The fit is fantastic and I’ve forgotten how wonderful that printed jersey is.

In fact last week Donna dropped by to show me some of the ‘Christine Jonson’ patterns she has ordered on the net. Not only are the styles great and up to date
– the instructions inside are very easy to follow with great simple diagrams. There is also an explanation about different weights and types of stretch jerseys – what to look for in a quality jersey (good recovery etc) and how to gauge what size to make up for your type of jersey.

It also made me think that if I am seriously considering making some of my patterns available to download (still haven’t worked out how to do that yet!), all these very important details need to be there. I’m going to have to put some real thought to it.
There must be another way to share some of my fave patterns with you all (cue suggestions)?

I also agree with what Christine Jonson has to say about ready-to-wear sizing. Have you also noticed that if you go by the measurements on the back of the more familiar commercial patterns, they never fit properly? It’s very frustrating – that is why a calico/muslin is ALWAYS a must!!!

xxx nice to be back!