a little bit of wannabe ‘Sex and the City’ @ Tessuti

So, there’s this little movie coming out tomorrow. You might’ve seen it advertised , talked about on the odd blog here and there, seen it advertised, oh – I don’t know – about a thousand times! Yep, there’s definitiely a ‘Sex and the City’ buzz around town and we at Tessuti have got the fever big time! It opens here in Sydney tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it but may have to wait a little ’til all the madness dies down!!! The only sessions that seem to be available are the 10.30pm showings (and that clashes with my blog-reading/writing time!). For a bit of fun, I thought I’d post some of our latest fabrics that share similarities with the awesome clothes worn by Carrie and the girls. And some suggested patterns too.

All the photos below have been sourced from Australian Instyle magazine…

Even though I’ve only had glimpses (albeit frequent) of the movie in mags and trailers, I just know that this look (above) is one of my favourites. I love this coat and I nearly screamed when I found this stunning print from one of our local designers!!!! The fabric is 100% cotton basketweave ‘Green Rapture’. Does anybody have a pattern suggestion for this coat?

If you love Carrie’s red rose print vintage look, this fabric is 100% silk duppion ‘Carrie’s Bloom’. My suggested pattern for this one would be Vogue 8231 (this pattern is still available in Australia). All you need to do is extend the peplum. You can also attach the skirt to the top to create a full piece dress.

For Miranda’s retro print dress, we’ve got this gorgeous graphic print that is 100% cotton ‘ Silver Squares’. My suggested pattern for this dress would be Simplicity 3744. In this cotton weight, the sleeveless option would be best or try Vogue 8319.

If anyone has any other pattern suggestions, I’d love for you to leave a comment. This was so much fun I think I may just have to post some more fabric and pattern options after I see the film.