Fabric feature of the week – Organic Cotton Knit.

New to our Tessuti Fabrics On-line Fabric store and Tessuti – Surry Hills is 100% Organic Cotton Knit Jersey in Hollywood, Dijon, White and Black.

*Why is organic cotton so good?

– The fabric lasts longer
– The fabric is more absorbent
– No bleaching or Harsh chemical have been used AT ALL.

The conventional cultivation of cotton leads to massive environmental and health problems. Around the world, more toxic insecticides are used on cotton than on any other crop. A sustainable alternative is the certified organic cultivation.

So serious are the negative impacts of chemical-intensive agricultural production, that momentum for change has grown considerably in recent years. The trend toward more environmentally friendly production methods is supported by a variety of interests including farmers wanting to escape the chemical treadmill, enlightened companies under pressure of increased environmental regulation and competition, and informed consumers calling for greater social and environmental accountability.

Organic cotton is produced in organic agricultural systems that produce food and fibre according to clearly established standards. Organic agriculture prohibits the use of toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers, as well as genetically modified organisms. It seeks to build biologically diverse agricultural systems, replenish and maintain soil fertility, and promote a healthy environment.

Note: * Information sourced from here.

Arriving soon ( next week ) to Tessuti is 100% Organic Cotton Denim and I will let you know of the latest organic cottons arriving for this Spring/Summer over the coming weeks.