NEW Modification of a Commercial Pattern Classes @ Tessuti Surry Hills

Want to improve your skills fitting and adapting commercial patterns? Now you can learn all the tricks of the trade from a professional.
Your teacher Megan has over 20 yrs specialist pattern making experience, from mainstream to high end fashion.
She will guide you through the complexities of your chosen pattern design and give you the confidence to tackle any challenge.
For all home sewers (not for absolute beginners) wanting to develop patternmaking skills, come and enjoy this relaxed, informative and interactive class.
Modification of a Commercial Pattern
If you are able to sew your own garments but experience frustration with producing ill-fitting garments this workshop will enable you to adjust a bodice or dress pattern to fit exactly (no pants or jackets at this time). To prepare for the workshop you will need to cut out your pattern (perhaps it will be one that you have previously used and know that it needs some work). If in doubt, make sure the size you cut is too big rather than too small. Cut a calico (or scrap fabric) garment from this pattern. Do not cut pockets, or facings but you may cut one sleeve and bring the entire pattern to the workshop. Sew the calico together using a big stitch and even a contrasting thread so that seams can be unpicked quickly if necessary. Please be aware that the fitting of your calico will take place in the shop during business hours and ensure that you wear a close fitting t-shirt and leggings if your calico won’t cover as much as you would like. As well as your calico and pattern you will need pins, measuring tape, ruler (french curve rulers are great), a sharp pencil, eraser, paper scissors, fabric scissors, magic or sticky tape, needle and thread. If you have a grading ruler, tracing wheel or coloured texta pens these can also be helpful.
  Saturday 14th April 
  Saturday 21st April
  Friday 27th April
  Friday 4th May
  Friday 18th May
  Thursday 7th June
  Friday 8th June
  Saturday 16th June
  Thursday 21st June
  Saturday 30th June
Classes run for 4 hours (10am – 2pm). Spaces are limited, all bookings strictly online here.