Pattern Review: Truck Stop Top

Don’t be fooled by these photos of me looking all holiday-like and cheery and relaxed in the sunshine because approximately thirteen minutes after these photos were taken, the family and I got blown off the beach by wind and sand that exfoliated a good layer or two of skin off. Ah well, it was worth it to watch the fella running several k’s down the beach to catch a boogie board (not ours, I might add) that got blown halfway back to Melbourne. Yeah, that was pretty funny, especially when he almost caught it but then it blew off again, almost caught it but then it blew off again. We did some hard laughing that day, even if our mouths filled with sand as we did so.
Oh, yes, the top. It’s the Truck Stop Top and is a pattern winner of the instant gratification kind. I made mine up in our new Italian viscose/elastane jersey, The Emerald Heart. I left the hem raw and raised the scoop of the neckline around 3cm. It’s a great style, not too tight around the hips, and the racer back and straps are wide enough to conceal bra straps. The other thing I love about it is that the sides (underarms) don’t sit too low which is often the case with this style of tank.