Mustard Maize Lily Linen Dress

I was excited to receive Anna’s email and photos recently: 

‘I finished my Lily Linen Dress in Mustard Maize this morning and wore it to a lunchtime family function – nothing like a deadline to spur you on!  I’m thrilled with my dress and received loads of compliments at the luncheon.  It was my first time working with linen and it was a dream to sew.  Although my bust size suggested otherwise, I cut out the small as I had found this to be the best fit for me in the Gabby Dress – it was perfect for the Lily too.  The pattern was a stretch for my confident beginner sewing skills, but the instructions were clear and it came together without incident.  The pockets took me a while to nut out (ie. it took numerous readings and re-readings of the instruction and lots of peering at the instructions).  I’m so glad I persisted (I almost left them off) as they really make the dress.  I’m feeling very pleased with myself!’

Stunning work Anna! Thank you for the feedback and pics.

PS. There are reviews on the Lily Linen Dress, including Anna’s over on Pattern Review here.