Sew Inn (Melbourne) – new class details

Further to yesterday’s blog post announcing our 2013 Sew Inn dates, I wanted to give you some more detailed info on two new classes that we’re holding for the first time in our Melbourne store.


Modification of a Commercial PANT Pattern
Please note sewing knowledge is required. This class is NOT SUITABLE for beginners.

In this class your pants will be fitted to your body and then you will learn how to make a new, more well fitted pattern.


To prepare for this class you will need to cut and sew a calico from your pattern. If you are in doubt make sure that the size is too big rather than too small. It can be a good idea to cut pants with an extra large sideseam (5cm). Mark clearly on your pattern if you have added to the seam allowance.
Cut only the outer (shell) of your garment, no need to put in the zip or pockets unless the pockets form part of the shell. Bring your complete pattern to the class. Prior to your class, you will need to sew the calico together using a big stitch and even a contrasting thread so that seams can be unpicked if necessary.


Fitting Friends – ($160 for two participants – minimum 3 pairs in this class – 6 students total)
Please note sewing knowledge is required. This class is NOT SUITABLE for beginners.

Very few people are a standard size. When sewing for yourself it is liberating to be able to make garments which fit your exact body shape. The secret of producing a well fitted garment lies in working with a calico to establish the correct shape on the body and then knowing how to put the fitting alterations onto the pattern.

Unfortunately it is difficult, or often impossible, to fit yourself. If you are lucky enough to have a friend who is also interested in making garments which fit well, you can learn to fit each other and have an ongoing fitting friendship! This class is designed for groups of two, who will enroll together and learn to fit each other.

You will each develop skills which can be utilized in conjunction with the pattern modification skills and will enable you to seriously improve the fit of your garments.


If you have any questions about our classes, please do not hesitate to email us.
Please note that due to limited spaces, all bookings are final and cancellations will result in forfeit of payment. Bookings are not transferable to other class dates.