Pattern Review – Style 3062 (uh oh, the 80s)

Once upon a time, particularly when I was on maternity leave, I used to spend a fair chunk of time op/thrift shopping. We were skint, she slept better in the car, I had to get out of the house and it was a mighty fine way to break those groundhog-y days that made up life with a baby. And there was, of course, the thrill of the find. Back then, good op shop scores were a LOT easier to come by.  These days, not so much. Or maybe I’ve just lost the patience to scour. Anyhoo, most of my pattern stash has accumulated over years and years and years of op shopping. This one’s a more recent score, copyright 1982, and apparently came from one Mrs Wood. Or maybe it was made for Mrs. Wood…?

I love a second-hand pattern that has scribbled notes as much as I love those patterns that are still pinned with their original owner’s adjustments. And if I find a pattern published in my birth year, well I do believe that’s just a gift straight from the sewing gods.

I’m generally a bit ‘meh’ on eighties patterns and I suspect that’s largely to do with the big shoulder thing (Linda Evans anyone?). Don’t get me wrong, I too used to position my shoulder pads under my training bra straps so that I could look all broad-shouldered, on-trend and, as it turns out, completely disproportioned. Oh, and then there was this silk taffeta bridesmaid ensemble that I wore in 1986 and to which I rest my big shoulder case. A special mention must also go to the bride’s VISIBLE shoulder pads…

And so that was just a really, really long-winded way of saying that this pattern – Style 3062 – has gone some way to restoring my faith in the pattern decade that was the 80s. It has side-seam pockets and the bodice is pleated into the midriff (back and front) and shoulder seams.

Despite being relatively true to the indicated sizing, a few adjustments were most definitely needed. I made a muslin and discovered that I had some pretty major gaping at the front. This was eliminated by making the following pattern adjustment to the front bodice…

I also had to take it up at the shoulder seams and in at the (torso) side seams. Other than that, easy-squeezy. I went with View C because I like the cap sleeve and I had some leftover fabric so why wouldn’t you make a matching tie belt? The belt is a hell of a lot longer than it appears on the pattern cover but there’s no care-factor on that point.

The fabric I chose was our gorgeous Gold Classico Spot – a mid-weight viscose/acetate crepe that has the perfect weight and drape for such a design. It’s unlined, finished with an invisible zip and, sure, it wasn’t quite ready in time for the Christmas day I’d intended but I’m still pretty damn pleased with it.