Anita. Again(a).

Since this post, I’ve made two more pairs of Anita Ponti Pant because (aye, biased) they’re the equivalent of my sewing happy – quick and easy. I’m also adding extra sewing points for comfort and style.

Bleach Boys          and            Funky Breed

A couple of things worth noting that I failed to mention in my earlier post. I’m 160cm (5′ 3″) so I did shorten the length at both stated points on the pattern. One is across the top and the other is across the calf. Because I wanted the length to sit just above the ankle, I shortened a further 2cm at the calf and then did a full 3cm hem. And if you’re pattern matching, you’ll need to allow for extra fabric.

Don’t forget that this pattern is designed as a slim pant – not leggings. If you’re after a slimmer line (as I was), take in your seam allowances along the outside seams only. I did a 1.5cm seam as opposed to the recommend half inch so the change was minimal – around 5mm. Also, the pattern is specifically designed to be used with a ponti. Most pontis are a blend of rayon, nylon and elastane. The elastane component is particularly important when working with this kind of pattern as it means that you’ll get less bagging around the knees and seat. The Funky Breed I used for the pair pictured below is a wool/viscose/polyamide blend and for that reason, doesn’t have the best memory, particularly around the knees.

It’s nothing a wash can’t fix, but it just doesn’t hold its memory like a spandex-ed ponti such as Bleach Boys (below) does. This one’s thicker and firmer and an absolutely perfect match for Anita.