Melb Skill Building Session on Fri 31st May – TROUBLESHOOTING


This Friday, our Melbourne store will be holding a special skill building session on Troubleshooting. Bring in and discuss your pesky sewing problem and Vanessa will take a look at it. Please note that this is a group session and for that reason, we may not be able to address all issues within the available time frame. And if you don’t have any specific questions, feel free to come along as you may just learn something new along the way!

Details are as follows:

: Troubleshooting
Date: Fri 31st June
Cost: FREE
Time: 12:30 – 1:15pm (no food or drink allowed in-store so be sure to have your lunch before or after the session) Bookings are not required
Location: Tessuti Fabrics – Ground Floor, 141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne