My Tokyo Jacket

Here’s my version of our Tokyo Jacket which I actually made about two months ago. Hear that noise in the background as you read this? It’s the sound of Colette busting my chops about taking so long to get this post up.

This jacket? I love. I had the pleasure of pattern testing and was surprised by how easily it all came together over two short days of sewing. There aren’t any fiddly little pieces and there’s no need for end-of-project hemming because the seams are all concealed. The sleeves are finished with turned-back cuffs which perfectly mirror the pocket style.

The fabric is Brother Slate – a beautiful, soft, heavy, drapey, sandwashed silk that is almost suede-like. It stretched on me a little (or maybe I proceed to be in denial about short arms..?) so I ended up having to shorten the sleeves by a couple of inches. As it stands, my preferred sleeve length these days is three-quarter and this magyar-style is definitely best suited to
that length. My best tip for making this jacket? Take your time. The end result is well worth the effort, especially when it comes to attaching the neck band and stitching in that ditch.

So when we move past winter, I know I’ll be getting some good wear out of this one. Over dresses or pants, it’ll be a nice wardrobe all-rounder. Yep, this Tokyo’s going to get along just grand with a whole lot of other clothes in the cupboard.

And while we’re talking Tokyo, please do check out Amy’s awesome colour-blocked version.