Sewing Tessuti – a blogging round up

Be it face to face in-store or face to screen via a blog, we are always so thrilled to see our fabric made up. Invariably, there’s a thought that goes through our mind or words that spring from our mouths that make one or all of the following observations:

– I never would’ve imagined that fabric made up in that/those (insert type of garment)
– That looks fantastic!
– Love your (insert type of garment)!
– Oh my gosh, can I shamelessly copy that!?

Much as we’d love to, we can’t possibly share every creation made up in a Tessuti fabric. But we’ll give it a red hot go. Some of you may have seen these creations around blogland but for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, check out these inspirational makes and blogs…
First up, Renee’s Satsuki made up in our Friday Night Lights. Alas, this dreamy silk chiffon is now sold out but how gorgeous and exotic is this!?
Next up, Kirsty’s ‘Mannish Style’ top in our Boardwalk Jersey. This top is completely my style and that pattern has just flown up and into my ‘must make’ list with a bullet. Love it.
Amy’s Saltspring Dress is the latest Sewaholic pattern and a very sweet, simple and summery make it is. Hers is made up in a Liberty remnant (score!). Did you even know our online store has a remnant section?

Thanks ladies for allowing us to share your blogs and creations.

And don’t forget, we’re always adding images to our Facebook page so be sure to follow us there.  Then there’s our Flickr group where you can add your own images of self-made Tessuti creations. Oh, and I’ve just created a ‘Sewing Tessuti‘ board on our Pinterest page so we’ll be pinning a myriad of good stuff there too. But then there’s always Instagram
If you’d like to share your own or your favourite creation made from a Tessuti fabric, please leave a link in the comments section.

Like I said, red hot go.