A Mandy in Asti

Autumn’s kicked in. I’ve had it in my head to make up one of these for a while and there’s nothing like a swift shift into cooler temperatures to give you that extra sewing impetus.

The pattern is our favourite Mandy Boat Tee and the fabric is Asti – a summer-weight Missoni knit. In order to compensate for the slightly weight-ier version of this fabric, I cut 1.50mtrs and made a few modifications. Firstly, I narrowed the width of the top. To do this, I just adjusted the pattern, by taking out approx 4cm in from the armhole/side seam edge on front and back. Making sure to lengthened the sleeve to compensate for the width I removed. I also added fusible edge tape to the side and shoulder seams to prevent stretching.

It looks and feels fabulous, just the perfect weight for this season. I’ve already cut out another in Loddi. NOTE: Remember to handle this lovely knit as you would a hand knitted garment, with care! We recommend to gentle hand wash, dry flat on a towel and fold away, not hang.